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Automated pick/shoveling machine!

Caliche Chris

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Hello everyone, this is just a message going out to any prospectors in or near sierra county, NM. If you have claims you would like to work but don't have the time or energy to do it. Please feel free to take me along and I will do the labor intensive work for you for a small percentage of the finds. I've been doing odd jobs in TorC until a more permanent employment oppurtunity arises. I have worked with/for several people in the area the last few months and I can give you several references that will vouch for me being a reliable, honest, and hardworking person. I have my own transportation and a fierce desire to work hard and put some change in my pocket. If your wondering about the title to this post, I'm referring to myself as the automated digging machine. Just get me on the site and turn me loose where you see fit. The only fuel I need is the occasional sandwich or burrito break. Thanks guys.

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Hey sawmill, yea good jobs seem to be pretty scarce around here. I suppose if you had a cdl you might find some work. I'm not real picky at this point. I worked for a floor maintenance company for 3 years in KY before moving out here. Ideally, I would like to get a floor buffer and start looking for some contracts in town polishing floors. I know there are several places that have floors that need buffing periodically such as bullocks, all the gas stations, Walmart and a couple of restaurants as well. Until that happens (IF it happens) I'll take whatever work I can get.

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Yeah that CDL goes a long way for getting a job. I have had one for 45

years and still use it. The thing about good jobs around TorC is,most are handed

down from Father to Son,or another relative There is always someone ready to take

over a good job.

My wife was born at Chloride,and we have lots of family and friends scattered all

over Sierra County,and New Mexico from one end to the other.

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Not meaning to disparge ya but that's wishfull thinking .

Workable Placer is all claimed up or hidden to access.

You Really Need to find someone with a Payable Claim that's too lazy to work it.

Your Not going to know what is or what's not unless you put boots on the ground and know what your doing.

I and a few have some spots to play in and it's all held close to the Vest.

Some of my spots are OK for the for the day or day or so

Done all Leagle like in the Forest creaks by the books but the Rangers get upset if they see you there more then a day or two.

No Digging in the Banks, Greens or Under Stumps and Trees.

The ones where I go get really upset if they find you Jacking a Big azz Rock!

Your Not going to make any kind of living unless your on someones claim and the ground is hot and Payable grounds.

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Hey, that's quite alright. I'd rather have someone tell me the truth about it than for me to spend money on equipment and then fail miserably. For right now, since I don't have a job, I figure any speck of gold is better than nothing so ill keep piddling with it until I find some work or a decent spot I can legally look for gold.

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Didn't say it's not there.

If your going through the area it's a good pit stop to pick up a few bucks MAYBE!

Camp out and Hit.

Don't make a Mess so the Bone Heads go after the Rest of us?

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