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Well I m going to brave the cold and try to get me some trout in the morning.

Going to Willow Beach below the dam and see what bite beside "jackfrost".

Hope to have some pics tomorrow.

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Oh yes. My kingdom for fresh trout. Brings memories back of the old days in Oz in the Bogong HIghplains. Love trout fishing, tried fly fishing - gave it a miss. I'm more of a worm & beer man.

Good luck out there. Nothing like fresh caught stream trout first thing in the morning, thrown into a cast iron pan on an open fire with a few knobs of butter. darn, brings tears to my eyes.



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Well I got 4 nice ( 10 - 13 inch) trout. Forgot to take pics.

If I had landed all the I hooked I would have limited out....

Better next time.

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Rick I haven't fished at Willow in a long time. Before joining the Air Force I had a little 13 foot boat with a 40 HP Johnson and would stay down there days at a time.

I'm waiting for the lakes up north to freeze over so I can get my butt up there and get some trout. Our favorite trip is presidents day weekend up in Elko, will bring back 5 pound or better trout, 24 inches of ice with 24 inches of water underneath. Those big trout wear their top fins off chasing the bait fish around.

When we get back to camp at night we bury the fish in a snow bank then next day into the cooler then home. They are so pink inside you almost think they are salmon. They taste great out of the cold water.

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