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Hi all,

Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up on our newly classified pallasite!

Sterley 34.21°N, 101.39°W

Texas, USA

Found: 1950

Classification: Pallasite (Main group)

History: A single mass weighing 1724.8 grams, and displaying regmaglypts and some remnant fusion crust, was found ~1950 by a farmer while plowing. Several months later, the finder took the specimen to Texas Tech University where it was classified by a mineralogist Mr. Dennis as a " stony iron siderolite - variety pallasite". Decades later, after watching a television show on meteorites, the son of the finder took the specimen to Dr. Laurence Garvie at the Center for Meteorite Studies, ASU for further study. The pallasite was later purchased by Ruben Garcia and Geoff Notkin.

We'll be ready to post photos and start selling slices on Jan 1, 2013 - Until then check out the photo of this fantastic specimen before it was cut!

Check my site to learn more


Ruben Garcia

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Did you happen to notice the Ram's Head heading down the mountain on the left side of that picture?

Mike F

Yeah and if you rotate it to the right 90 degrees it kinda looks like a duck... :nutty:

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Thanks to you and Geoff and Laurence for getting this out there! It's rare, so I am sure you guys will do well!!!


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Whats the difference between what it was originally classified as and what it is reclassified as of now? Real nice looking stone by the way. Wish I could afford something like that.


Hi Steve,

When the stone was first found it was NOT classified but only identified by TEXAS TECH as a stony-iron or pallasite. This is the first time it's been classified - and by the best in all of meteoritics -John Wasson (UCLA) and Laurence Garvie (ASU)

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Thanks to you and Geoff and Laurence for getting this out there! It's rare, so I am sure you guys will do well!!!


Hey Jim,

Yes, you're right...

Most people don't realize that there are far more Lunar and Martian classifications than there are pallasite. Think about this, there are only 38 known pallasites including Sterley as opposed to 164 Lunars and 110 Martian meteorites!

Below are the only USA pallasites with less TKW than Sterley - so ya, it's rare!

Argonia Official 1940 Kansas, USA Pallasite, PMG-an 84 g Cold Bay Official 1921 Alaska, USA Pallasite, PES 320 g El Rancho Grande ** Official 1954 New Mexico, USA Pallasite 40.7 g Jay Bird Springs Official 2003 Georgia, USA Pallasite 292 g Phillips County (pallasite) Official 1935 Colorado, USA Pallasite, PMG-an 1360 g

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Excellent piece, congrats to everyone involved with bringing it to the public.

Hi all, and thanks for the kudos on the classification!

Slices of this ultra-rare pallasite will go on sale tomorrow or the next day to the general public. Major Universities are already requesting we reserve them a slice. This beautiful/stable pallasite has it all including impeccable provenance!

The Sterley pallasite will be sold exclusively by Aerolite Meteorites, LLC, in partnership with Mr. Meteorite (Ruben Garcia). Each specimen has been photographed and cataloged and will be accompanied by the following exclusive documentation:

- A full color printed catalog describing the history of the Sterley pallasite, and including photographs of every existing specimen, along with the chemical analyses as performed by Drs. Wasson and Garvie, and other information.

- A custom 5 1/2 x 8 1/2-inch color certificate of authenticity, suitable for framing, signed by Ruben Garcia and myself.

- A printed color 5 x 7-inch photo of the main mass, prior to cutting.

- A color copy of the 1951 Texas Tech letter, confirming the find as a pallasite.

- A custom Aerolite Meteorites, LLC specimen identification card.

- In addition, the largest slice of Sterley will be accompanied by the original Texas Tech letter and envelope from 1951.

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