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cast plaques from the 20's

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The 1st was I think stands for the Grand Army of the Republic. Looking at the circle on it, it resembles the circle in the first medal picture on this page.


The 2nd picture something to do with ISLAM but can't find much on it.

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Though I couldn't find another image exactly the same as the second plaque, the following information, I believe should solve the origins of that plaque,

The second plaque appears to be from the "Islam Temple" in San Francisco a new meeting "temple" built by the Masons in 1918, though the Masons didn't practice Islam, the Masonic Arabian/Islamic theme was chosen long ago because of a trip made by one of the founders of the Masons after he attended a party in Marseilles given by an Arabian diplomat, this was of course before the Islamic movement to take over the world as we see today, in earlier history of the Shriners the Fez (the hat worn by Shriners) did in fact have "Islam" printed on the Fez, but it's rare to see that word on the Fez worn by Shriners today.

Logo of the Shriners of North America.






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Thank you guys for the research, you have confirmed my guesses.

We have no idea on how/when we got them.

We have been re organizing a catchall room and this and more oddities were in a box.

More mysteries from the Down Under Treasure days.

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:thumbsupanim YAHOO treasures found are refound and that's cool too. It's happened to me on occasion too as a box that has been moved a dozen times throughout the years is opened and "SAY WHAT??" happens :brows: -John

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I know what you mean Hoser John. I can finally say that I have completely move all my worldly possession out of Vermont and to my home here in Arizona. A move that have taken the last eight years to complete. Opening a box to see what is inside bring back a lot of memories and the same idea..."What the $%&%" did I save that for?

More Au to you, Robert

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