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New Snow Shovel

Allen in MT

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Having to spend the winter at home this year due to unfortunate circumstances, I thought it was time to get a new snow shovel. the last one I had for many years and it required to many muscles to operate. So I thought why not cash in some of those yellow rocks I'd been hoarding for years and enjoy it. So my new shovel along with some added trimmings arrived just in time for a work out. The 1st evening the wife and I bundled up and we did a tour around town to look at the Christmas lights which required a hot cup of cocoa afterwords. This morning with about 4" of new snow it was a pleasure removing the snow. My wife said I looked like a kid in a candy store. Now maybe next year we can take it south with us and see alot more of the desert south.


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Nice looking snow shovel Allen!!!

The only problem with taking it to the desert is that there's no snow, so I guess you'll have to only take the attachment for the shovel, but then again the shovel may come in handy for doing some scraping before detecting, hmmmmm!!!

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According to the weather report I think you would need something a little bigger in Wis. now Blake...

Congrats Allen....looks like a neat "boy toy"......when you get it in the desert give it a test drive on

how it will handle moving sand on a newly discovered nugget patch :D

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