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Good day out today


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Hey all:

Got to go out today with some friends from work. One guy is getting back into prospecting and a couple others are new to it.

Took them up to my second favorite wash :)

Unfortunatly the VLFs were not doing good today.

Good Lord blessed me though! :)

Got a 1.7 grammer at a foot down and a couple of dinks a couple of inches deep.

Vaced up 2 buckets of dirt from the area and got...wait for it....wait..........5 eedy beedy flakes. Oh well....

Was a great time out with friends and the weather was fantastic!

Cant wait to hit it again next weekend. :)


Tom H..........total for the day was 2.3 grams. Gas for 5 more trips! WEEEEE....




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Nice gold Tom! What VLF's did ya'll try using?

They were using a gold bug pro and a garret at gold


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I forgot to mention one "funny" detail from yesterday...when we got to the spot, we were drinking some coffee and shooting the breeze...one of the guys says Look! A skunk! Sure enough...a real live skunk scurrying up the side of the wash. Im thinking...oh, this is not a good sign.....but I guess it was! :)

First skunk ive seen in the desert.

Tom H.

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