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I can get them Ed if you want one. I have slowed way down on book sales and stocking them since shipping prices got so darn high. Would be glad to get one for you though and can likely get my old bud Jim to sign it for ya.

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I finally learned my lesson and do not loan out books anymore ESPECIALLY my noted and signed books by Jim!!! Great reading ,over and over too---of coarse at my age, after all I been through, it's like a new book everytime :old: John

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A few yrs ago (before I knew of NS) my wife ordered me pretty much all of Jim's books. Each one had a signed note inside. Was really.cool of him.

So I found his email address and would write a note. Then, a few weeks later, I would have a hand written letter in the mail from Jim.

Very kind and intelligent man. Be sure to write down or record anything he has to say. He has some great stories and info and it would be a loss of national treasures to let them go to the grave.

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