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hello everyone , can I please get help ID this Rock ?

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I hope it's what you think it is, or what you paid for.

However, the first picture looks like it has some quartz in it. Therefore, certainly not a meteorite since quartz is only found in terrestrial rocks. Might just be the picture, hard to say for sure.

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Very interesting rock, but with no fusion crust it is impossible to say from the pictures. Could be any number of things!

hi , well it has areas with a remaining light brown color fusion crust ...wish you guys can see it with the loupe , it looks awesome , and i wish I knew more about Geology :cry2:
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You could take it and show it to meteorite dealers in Tucson the first week in February. Maybe they will make you an offer if they like what they see. Here is one link:



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Has any body seen this before ... It was sent to me from Morocco

I did a end cut , and its attracted to a strong magnet .

Over the last year, especially, there have been many folks finding stones in Morocco and they are claiming they are this or that. The fact is the both Martian and Lunar specimens have been found there. That said, the typical "how to id a meteorite" is not going to work and some of these would actually require expensive lab testing to determine if it's terrestrial or other. Primitive achondrites and achrondrites would be difficult to completely ID outside a qualified lab.

Oh and BTW, quartz has been found in lunar rocks!

But don't get your hopes up, most of the samples that were tested last year from very experienced dealers proved to not be meteorites.

That's my 2 cents on the subject.


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I'm almost more than 99.999% sure it is not a meteorite. I have dug plenty of them out of moraine deposits. The rocks will set off a Fisher Gold Bug-2 and certain ones can attract magnets.

But then, it could be too dark for what I have found, again the photos are really hard to know for sure. I think some I've seen do look that dark....the clue is the light specks as the shape in close view should be similar to an oak leaf. Get a magnifying glass, the larger light specks see if all have leaf like shapes.

Now on the bottom edge of one piece, just noticed layering as you see in some quartz rocks, perhaps it is magnetite in quartz.

Unless it has a metallic inside, that is different.

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