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Metal Detecting & Wet Ground

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Terry and I both hunt at the beaches and I can tell you that if I am using my PI over wet ground it works fine. If a 'wave' comes in while I am detecting a target it doesn't seem to have any effect. I can hold a coil over the water and sense the target without loss of depth. I don't have a waterproof PI coil. I do have a waterproof VLF coil and I can hold it above or in the wave without loss of performance. Interestingly enough I sometimes have trouble with the dry areas of the beach and falsing so I guess that means that the water helps me identify targets. Thanks for making me think about how my detectors respond.


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I would think that, because water is conducive, the energy put into the ground isn't dissipated as rapidly, so the signal would be stronger or provide better depth. Also, the salts in the soil act as a better conductor than clean water, so that stands, too.

Just stands to reason, to me at least, that wet soil should do better.

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