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Our days at Rich Hill


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Hey all:

Welp, we made it back safe and sound.

First day we were able to do about 4 hrs drywashing and then it started to rain. So we packed up the DW and detected until around 5. Got back and set up camp...then it rained some more! :)

Really windy by the fire that night.

Went out the second day and detected. Tried to suck up some areas and the dern vac. kept getting pluged with mud. Then it rained....saw some deer and a blue belly lizard. I was surprised the lizards were out. It was so cold it wouldnt move...I kind of held him and breathed on him for while and let him go. Poor thing.

Went back to camp and had a nice steak dinner...great time by the fire..no wind...then it rained!

Went to bed and it rained all night....hard. Woke up to little streams running through camp and gooey mud all over and....raining!. So, we decided to head out at 11 just in case I had to pull the RV with the 4runner.

The RV actually did pretty good. Didnt spin or slide Roads were pretty mushy.

Then it rained... :)

Got home safe and sound though and had a really good time....then it rained :P

Dad was able to get a nugget with his Gold bug pro. I got skunked!

Great time out, could only see Rich hill about half the time we were there....then it rained :)

Memories to last a lifetime.

Tom H.


Also...if any of you camp out up in that area....someone is stealing items from camps...Lock your stuff up. The lady at Stanton warned us.










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Nice chunky nugget old Tom. How did you do with the 151? I for sure though you would have had someone camp with ya and drink your beers.

Hey bud:

No good with the DW...couple of little pieces. Didnt have much time to run much and that red dirt needs to be run through a cement mixer first. Really clumpy.

Yah, would have been nice to have some company...oh well.

Tom H.

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