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Progress maybe.....I'm talking to someone at Minelab AU about the ground balance module that

goes inside the handle.....it's almost 0100 tomorrow there so I'll wait and see for the answer...

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I bougt a push button at Radio Shack as a temporary fix. When I found out I had to replace the entire handle assy. it became perminant. Going on 2 years now and I use a detector way more than most folks. Cost about $4.00 and its a little tricky to assemble. I'll try to get you a R.S.part number. If such things are unavailable where you are I would be glad to mail one to you.

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Thanks for the offer klunker.....I bought a small button that would just barely go into the

opening where the green button used to be then I used "Brazilian engineering" and

put epoxy in and that's been about three months and it's still doing good.....

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