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trip to Q


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Went down to Q last week, to get out of bad weather (couldn’t stay long enough and had to come back to it). John and Jane B were already there and set for the winter. Patrick showed up, as did Doc Parsons and Richard, and a bit later, Rex (Beer Keg bar-b-q maker and superb cook).

Weather was great! Company was better and even found a bit of gold (bit over ¼ oz). Had to throw a pic of the sunset there for those not familiar w/ Azs sunsets (day before was prettier, but camera was still packed away).



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Shep congrats on the nice take.

Way to go Shep. Your timing was excellent. They are calling for as much as 8 inches of snow up at Gold Basin on Thursday & Friday, then fog & rain with lows of 25 for Saturday & Sunday.

Slim are you serious about that weather report ????

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Frank, you are a native so to speak. You know what to expect. This is for others: Be careful out there. This is no longer a storm watch, it's a storm warning and it goes all the way down to Lake Havasu City.

* Total snow accumulations: 4 to 8 inches possible above 5000


* Winds: south 10 to 15 mph.

* Impacts: difficult traveling conditions on the area roadways

above 5000 feet... especially Interstate 40 east of the

Interstate 93 Junction and the hualapai Mountain Road.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow means severe winter weather

conditions are expected or occurring. Only travel in an emergency

since significant amounts of snow are forecast that will make

travel dangerous. If you must travel... keep an extra

flashlight... food... and water in your vehicle in case of an


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Like I said already , those are some awesome looking nuggets Shep. Nice going ! Hopefully the weather will be good in January...I plan on being at the gem show for a couple hours then detect the rest of the time.

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Thats some awsome gold bud! Glad you guys got some.

Got to agree...Rex is one heck of a cook! :)

Tom H.

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