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thought this is the way to train our dog for gold

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I was given my dog, when he was so small he fit in my hand. So small I had to bottle feed & wean him. He’s been with me ever since & weighs in around 100 lbs of cast iron hard muscle. As a pup, he tagged along at my side prospecting 1000’s of creeks with a pan, screens & shovel. He had his “nose” in it all, trying to figure out what I was looking for. By the time he was 2 years old, he could prospect a creek better than most peaple with his nose. If he stopped, sniffed & then dug. You could bet your boots, there was “black sand” & usually gold wherever he dug. He can also smell out sulfides in surface float or vein outcrops. Just takes the “right” dog & a lot of learning, by example.

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I know Gold does not have a Smell. It Does not Oxidise, Deterate, Disseminate or Break Down in any Fashion or Form without Chemical Intervention and Even Then it will not change to the point below the Gold Atom or A sub part of it that will Rebuild it's self at it's first chance.

We Know that When Dogs Smell Chit, they don't just smell the stank but 5o other smells within the stank and can tell you what you had for dinner yesterday.

In the case of Mecican Food maybe what ya had for Breakfast.

Like stated above they can smell the Black Sands, Hell I can Smell the salfides and Iron in it from two inches.What about the other 20 things we don't know about .

Hell Yea, When My dogs take a intrerest in the hole I'm digging I make a big deal out of it.

I point, Say Ya Ya Get it a few times and let the Root around.

When things get lucky and we find something I make a REAL BIG DEAL out of it.

I Show it to them, Rub there heads for a while Telling em how good they did and then it's Lunch Time.

After a few trips like that they put there nose to the Ground and Run all over the Place now.

Gold Dogs! No, but they sure are trying.

Some day they may Surprise me and Find some, Eaaa?

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