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Here is the piece that got me hooked nugget shooting I started prospecting about 3 years ago mostly panning, sluicing and dredging and bein told there isnt anything but fine flour gold in Wyoming......I found this 1.67 oz guy when i went out on a trip with an old timer back in July about 4 inches down and 6 inches away from the hole he has been working for the last ten years :4chsmu1: Finders keepers right lol. Best part was it was with his goldmaster he had and it was the first hole I had dug with a metal detector lol.


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Nice! That's the biggest (recent) piece of gold I've seen come from WY, and I've spent 7 years prospecting there in just about every nook and cranny of the state. :thumbsupanim

Seen up to some half oz'ers before but that wins squarely.

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That is a dandy nugget for sure, and the rarity makes it all the better. I hope you find some more just like it. But save some for me :-)


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Thanks yea i was really excited to finally find anything above a flake there in South Pass. The area I have been working seems to have the source close by the other side of the nugget is extremely course and there isnt any moving water in the area so it couldnt have went far....I just bought me a GMT to go shooting with and been on google earth looking for some exposed areas of bedrock to hunt just seems like most of the the large gold is so deep its hard to get by pick and shovel in wyoming

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Right you are and years ago I was told there was only fine gold at San Domingo, but I kept beeping and trying and guess what? Yup nuggets were literally all over out ther in the early 90s I mean hillsides, tailing piles, gulches, you name it. Long ago a book by Mr Jim Straight made a little light bulb come on in my head and wow did it make a difference in my life!

Gold is where ya find it and the more you look the more you find even where is ain't supposed to be :4chsmu1:

Thanks Jim.

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