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During my prior working life I used to write desk instructions (mainly for my self) that help me keep track of the who, what, how, where, when, why and the what else of contract administration. This has carried over into retirement with my amateur radio and prospecting efforts. Attached are two MS Word documents that are design to help me understand and keep track of my mining activities. The document label 02 – 34,000 Foot View of Gold Geology has been reviewed by the USGS office in Alaska and based on their feedback a few changes were made. The other MS Word document has not been reviewed by anyone but does contain some Nugget Shooter Forum feedback.

I do not recall discussing anything about metal detecting, however down the road I do plan either to add a paragraph about metal detecting or a stand alone desk instruction. Any suggestions? And if this is a good thing what should I discuses/include?

Let know what you think (positive and negative).

03 - Locating Possible Gold Site.doc

02 - 34,000 Foot View of Gold Geology - Keeper.doc

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