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Take This Aong Detecting

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post-26467-0-70421100-1355096266_thumb.jpost-26467-0-15721600-1355096181_thumb.jI can not afford a detector, so spent under $60.00 to build this wet/dry washer. Weighs less than 20lbs including digging tools. Also carry a RIOBI +18 1/4" impact with 1/4" cement drills for hard gravel.

Rotate the buck and soop out the gravel on top. Run 2" gravel and less and consecrate it down to about a quart of gravel. As long as you do not scoop out the bottom gravel you will not louse any gold. Throw in some BB shot and always recover them.

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Best thing there's very little dust. Used a 2" shower drain ftom Home Depot with a 2" to 1" reducer. Lazey Suson bearing mounted on a 1 x 6 board. Used 1/4" fender washers through the bottom of the Rubber tub from Walmart. Did not glue the legs to the showher drain assemply so to disassemple for carry.

When I first came to the Glamis CA area in 1974, met an old miner who used a cement mixer. We run two yards of gravel and got 8oz. Purchased 3 claims along side his, but Goldfield Mining force me out in 1986.

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Yes, 2ozs in 2 yards, and Doug let me have 1/2 including a one gram nugget. Doug died shortly after. His family leesed the claims to Goldfields, as I did my 3 placer claims. I work on their test drilling rig taking samples every 10 foot. In 2011 they took out over 300,000 ozs.

I do not know how to do a vidio, but I dig out a 1/2 bucket of gravel, dump one thrird of that in the tub, rotate 4-5 turns scoop out the light gravel on top with a small fry-pan into and empty bucket, dump another 1/3 gravel in and continue. Ran the tub for three days then pan it out got one gram of gold with one nugget 12grains.

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I rotate it counter clockwise, what's neat is when you see clogs sticking to a rock pick another rock and bust up the clog. I scoop the gravel out using a small frying pan into a bucket that way I get my tailings up out of the wash out of the way. What little dust there is it still does not rise up to face level. Even ran wet gravel where you can ball it up by squeezing it in your hands. Specific gravity of gold and the grinding action of the gravel tumbleing releases the goldeven through it is wet.

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