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Coil and frequency for garrett 2500

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I have noticed that some of you use smaller coils what does this do for finding gold.. also i know that gold is found with a higher frequency machine.. the garrett 2500 is adjustable.. what is the lowest frequency that will find smaller gold?

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Smaller coils have a more a concentrated field strength .

That lets the machine see the Weak Eddy Currents that Gold Produces better.

19 or so KHz will find some small Gold but 60 or 70 will find the Crumbs.

The little Falcon runs at something like 300 Khz and your going to need a Loup to see the stuff it can find.

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A smaller coil will decrease the detecting area of the coil, thus decreasing the chance of picking up trash that maybe nearby and giving you a better chance of detecting only one target instead of many, also a smaller coil will let you get your coil into tighter areas that you wouldn't be able to get a big coil into, the bad part is that you'll lose a little depth with a smaller coil.

You want to use as high a frequency as possible with VLF detector for gold, most VLF gold detectors are above the 50 Khz range, but there are a few that are in the 19 Khz range as well.


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so do i need a different machine to find gold, or will the 2500 find it with the smaller coil.. I

understand what the coil does to some degree. as area are more mineral then others. so the small coil will get me gold or will it just read nuggets? also will the frequency be less or just less depth..

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Birdlady...most multi-purpose machines will work for nugget hunting...if the nuggets are big enough and the ground is mild enough...if you will read many of the past posts you will see the answer to all your questions...

the short answer is you need a nugget-hunting detector for very small gold in very mineralized ground.

Which one is a personal decision.


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