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NW AZ GOLD Rough an Tough

frank c

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Well I finally got out for a hunt. It has been awhile for me I've been stuck at home with "to do's" to fulfill for what seems like over a month.

Got started on building up a new poke over a quarter oz with a few nice rough an tough to detect NW AZ nuggets.

SURE FELT GOOD ta git som gold under the coil biggrin.png an hear that ol turdy5hundred sing its songs.

Hapy Huntn All


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Nice nuggs Frank :brows: , congrats... that pays for gas and back a few times. Was it found with your NF coil? Keep em commin.


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Birdlady, I used up all the luck the first year or so of prospectin I did.

Nowadays I have to rely on " chance " :200: theres a difference between luck and chance :old:

Come on Frank....you have skill also :)


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Hey Frank,

I'm glad that 3500 has worked so well for you! You've definitely proven your skill in learning it and the coils you put over the ground.

Hope the new year proves to be just as rewarding.

I'll stop by and sey hey sometime!

Recovering from knee surgery and physical therapy.

Thanks for sharing your successful hunt!!

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