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1857 Half

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That's beautiful, Chris. I also wonder what the story is about how it got to that piece of ground for you to find. Outlaws? Robbery? Ripped pocket?


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Very little wear and a great find Chris....do you have a story about where you found it....school....old


Reminds me when many years ago a small town in Okla. that was started before statehood tore out

the old concrete sidewalks that had originally been wood sidewalks.....I worked that site for two

weeks and took out many coins mid 1800's and very early 1900's....

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Nice to see a experienced detectorists finds. Not scratched or gouged and beat to death during retrieval. I've seen soooo many fantastic expensive finds reduced to garbage by bash, crash, smash method. :thumbsupanim Respect to a master ---John PS-1857 S arrow removed and only 158,000 minted so quite a GREAT find in that condition ,crisp clean shield lines also--soooo cool :4chsmu1:

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I almost walked away from this one.

It came at the end of a day hunting on the fringes of some old placer ground.

After digging dozens of junk targets, mostly logging trash. I started heading back to camp and decided to walk an old water ditch, these ditches can run for miles and are a great indicator of descent gold in the area. Not to mention an easy path to walk :)

Now these ditches are often loaded with iron trash mostly old nails and wire. So when I got this booming signal on the bank I "knew" it had to be large and near the surface. My guess was another beer can from a loggers lunch. Since I had been recovering nothing but junk and was tired I turned my back to it and stepped away.

Then something clicked "that sounded clean" not the harsh rebound of iron and a bit to tight to be as large as a can. So I turned around and gave it another listen. I guessed it to be another big cartage or bullet I told myself, and decided to recover it, besides it was a nice shady spot to have a break. I'd been using a small rake to clear the forest litter and with one swipe the coin was exposed and I was looking at a seated lady.

I had a seat on a log and pondered how that coin got there and speculated that it fell from a coat pocket when the ditch digger removed it as the day warmed up and tossed his coat/shirt on the uphill side of the ditch.

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