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ever used one of these nugget shooting? I still love the old analogs. I just liked watching the needle..lol!



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Well Rimshot... that it is. You have a Compass Gold Scanner Pro... years ahead of its time.

it was designed by John Earle who is now with White's, or maybe recently retired. Mr. Earle

is one of the leading search coil designers and has been involved in some of the leading DD

searchcoils that are still being used today. John and I spent a day at Randsburg and nicknamed

me "the shoveler" :yesss: because I was agressive in using my searchcoil arround the brush.

and do use a coilcover. A Compass engineer, Don Dykstra designed the first DD in 1972 and

it is said to be called the DD because of two capital D's overlapping back to back. But is may

be that the Don's first and last named initials were two D's.

The Gold Scanners operate at 13.77 kHz and have a full range "trashout' discrimination. A great

manual ground balance, it did well in the alkali soils in Northern Nevada at "Ryepatch." Gosh I

could go on and on regarding the Standard (non-meter) Gold Scanner and the Gold Scanner

(meter) Pro. But time has taken its toll and it's dated and now a great example of older technology.

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Thank's guys! I was just curious about any info on it. A person about 20 miles north of me has 5 gold detectors (an old lobo, a tejon, a teknetics mark 3, golden sabre) for sale and this old analog caught my eyes. I really liked the tejon until I started reading several peoples post saying it didn't handle depth very well in mineralized soil.

But thank's for the info!


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The folks at good ol' Compass were extremely helpful and proud to be a dealer for many years. The X-70/X-80 series was their last ifn' mamory serves me right?? They were literally put outta biz by the Fisher Motherlode 660 with it's dual stacked 10 turn gb. Then Tesoro took off--I sold'm like popcorn. The Silver sabre at 1/3 the cost and 1/4 the weight with a lifetime warranity was the kicker. THEN the Golden Sabre was unveiled as the NOTCH king and trash killer and WOW away went Compass to the annals of history--hmm let me see ifn' I have a pic--aaa yes-still run mine on occasion. Tesoro totally rebuilt ol'faithful,new coils ,pots,controls and still fantastic after 27 :th: years--wowza. Then I got to test and run the Gold Demon for Tesoro and they printed my clubs review in the annual detector book for 2-3 years??? It was the base platform for the Lobo--then TLST which I still coveth after a dozen or so years. Sooo much fun seeing things morph throughout all these years as I'm sure Jim can attest too. The cheapest tinkertoy of today sure beats my Tandy Craft Heathkit BFO I built in 61 BUT them beaches were solid silver and gold in dayze of old--no beach sweepers hahaha :old: sorry silyl ol' man had a ball through out it all :4chsmu1: John


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