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Some cartridge pics

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Thought these might be interesting to a few of you.

The first pic is of headstamps for Spencer rifle cartidges.....J.G. is Joseph Goldmark, out of New York. This company only loaded ammo from 1864-1866, I believe. They cashed in on the end of the Civil War.

The underlined one is especially rare.

S.A.W. is Sage Ammunition Works, can't recall their history.

F.V.V&Co. is Fitch Van Vechten, who only made ammo 1865-1868.

The second pic is a Spencer case next to a 44 Henry.........bit of a difference, huh. Bet you could really tell if on the receiving end.

The P headstamp is another Henry cartridge maker.....often mistaken for Peters Cartridge Co, it is actually Phoenix Metallic Cartridge Co in Conn., and they used that headstamp from 1872-1878.

The one shows multiple strikes...indicating it didn't go off the first time. I have found casings with up tp 8 strikes, and have found many "duds", unfired but with a strike. These rimfires were fairly unreliable.

I love finding these older cartidges....1860's and 70's is my target area....and when you come across these beauties, usually other interesting things pop up.

In the area most of these in the pics were found, also turned up many "GSB's"...General Service Buttons (Army uniform).



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Pretty neat collection you have there Dave. This history of guns and ammo is always interesting.


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