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A sluice box question


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Have any of you fine prospecting people ever used or know anyone who has used a sluice box produced by the company Angus Mackirk , they are selling them at cabelas and was wondering if any of Yall had any experience with these, i watched a youtube video and was wondering if it was able to catch fine gold since it appeared that the riffles filled up pretty quick with concentrate, also it doesnt use any miners moss or carpet its all a single piece of molded plastic I do believe.....anything helps thanks everyone.


P.S heres the link http://angusmackirk.com/product_pages/sluices.html

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Rockcrusher just bought a dandy, http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=23368, I have run a lot of dirt thru one and no complaints, but Dave is right, not a low water sluice.... Once you get used to the lack of cleanup, it is hard to use a Keene or others that use the hungarian riffles, miners moss ect... But to each his own...

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Sluice boxes made of steel sheet metal, aluminum & plastic come in all sorts of designs, length, width, riffle configurations. Portability, the amount of water available (pump or gravity feed), the size of the feed material you put through it, and the size/weight of the placer gold where you work it are all critical factors. If you are going to buy one, rather than build one.

Pick one designed to suit the particulars of what you intend to do with it. Which depends on the amount of water available, the way you screen the feed material, the way you feed the box & the size/weight the placer gold you are attempting to recover. No sluice box will give you optimal gold recovery, unless suited for the particulars of where you are working it.

Placer gold is relatively easy to recover, if you are experienced & have the right equipment suiting the circumstances you are working in. Placer mining is a “dream” to many. Trouble is, there are sorts of gold recovery “gizmo’s” marketed to feed that dream to the inexperienced. Many are a “joke”, others impractical, others somewhat practical, and ones that actually function.

I cannot help but bust out laughing at some of the gold recovery systems touted as new or revolutionary, with assorted names like mini-maxi-double-triple-spiral-reverse-helix-micron-gold-concentrator. Ya, right! Most of which are designed to fleece you out of your money, rather than gold out of alluvial gravel.

I am not a weekend recreational “hobby” prospector. I don’t own a stand alone sluice box. I use a shovel, sieves & pans to see if there is placer gold where I am looking & don‘t prospect ground I cannot file a placer claim on. Once I have established placer gold is there (or, not). If I find enough placer gold that it appears worthwhile to step up a notch.

Next step is to bring in a decent sized high banker & run a testing program to get a better idea from 30 or 50 widespread samples of 2 or 3 cubic feet each to see if there are enough gold values present, to step up another notch. Next step is permit & bring in a back hoe & do a larger bulk sampling program. If the larger bulk sampling program shows there are enough gold values to step up another notch.

I permit (including effluent controls, reclamation bonding and/or whatever else is required) & bring in suitable excavation equipment, vibrating screen or trommel wash plant and see if I can bring the property into profitable production.

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thank you for the information gentlemen, basically I will be running this sluice on unclassified dirt that was given to me by my parents on their return trip from arizona, basically what I need is a good sluice that I can run at home on either a garden hose or a sump pump, and that i can also take out to the field if i can find anywhere close to go play in up here in western washington that im not going to pay out the nose for.

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Here's a test for you to figure out your house water capabilities...

Take a five gallon bucket and the hose you plan to use.

Turn the hose on full blast - not pointed in the bucket.

Get a timer ready

Place the hose in the bucket and time how long it takes to fill that bucket.

Multiply that time by 12 and you know the gpm of your hose.

Use that number and ask the sluice or other gear manf're what they recommend for gpm of their devices.

Enjoy and good luck on that AZ dirt :)

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Look into WPMA good claims, Also Bedrock Prospectors they have some good claims. Any of the clubs you can join online so thats not a problem. Nice to atend meetings and get to know people, but not mandatory to be a member. WPMA has chapters all around Wa., Big club, lots of friendly folks>

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