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Western States Prospecting Association Gold Basin Outing 1/18,19,20/13


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WSPA Members,

Were holding an outing @ Gold Basin on Jan 18th,19,and 20th.

Also anyone thats interested in the WSPA please contact me (no pm's please) for more information.

We have proven claims in AZ, CA and NV and are always seeking new ground.

If you have a claim, the WSPA has lease programs that will care and pay for your claim and include a free membership giving you full access to all property.

WSPA public page

Chris Porter


Member # 106

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The link did not have the "mailto" tag

The Western States Prospecting Association is an Internet based gold prospecting association. The organization

began in late 2006 and was officially incorporated in early 2007 as a non-profit Arizona based corporation. The

WSPA is unique in that it was the first, solely Internet based prospecting association, where we maintain our limited

membership only, password protected, forum. All association communication and business is done online to

eliminate as much wasted time , money, and mailing costs as possible. All of the associations data is available for

the individual member to download or print for themselves when necessary. The sharing of information or passwords

with anyone other than a current member is forbidden and will terminate your membership immediately.

Currently our membership is capped at 100 Non-Claim holding members. Those members who offer claims for

use by the WSPA membership are considered as Claim Holding members and do not count towards our cap. We

limit our membership to non-claim holding members to avoid over use of our claims. Therefore our membership will

vary due to the amount of claims we have and the number of owners on those claims.

Currently we lease 32 claims with a total of 4,380 acres of land. Our claims are located in Nevada, California, and

Arizona. And we are always actively looking for more viable patented or non-patented gold bearing properties in the

Western United States.

We also offer outings spread throughout the Arizona, California, and Nevada regions. Five to six official outings are

planned each year to accommodate as many members as possible. The outings are held so that members can get

to know one another and when necessary maintenance work can be performed on nearby claims. Yes, I said work!

As a member you are expected to help whenever you can to maintain claims by installing signs, claim markers,

locating claims, or any other jobs you are physically capable of doing. The outings are also the time when we hold

our meetings to discuss association business and hear members concerns and ideas that will help WSPA move

forward. You also have the opportunity to run for offices and the Board of Directors.

The WSPA's goals are to acquire as much viable gold bearing properties for member use as possible. This is

done through members who own claims, leasing, or buying patented claim properties. The long term goal is to

provide membership with the availability of permanent gold camps where you will be able to pursue your passion of

gold prospecting in both the summer and winter months.

With the ongoing assault of government inanities and environmental groups in a relentless pursuit to take away

public access rights, they leave us no choice but to fight back. We believe we can do that by joining together to

accomplish our goals and insuring we have a place to pursue our gold prospecting hobby. Our success is not going

to be an overnight one. But if we remain relentless, we can accomplish it by working together.

At this time we have a limited number of Non-Claim holding memberships available. You must be a minimum of 18

years old. Our memberships are family memberships, which, includes a spouse and any children under 18 years of

age. Children under 18 years must be supervised by a parent while using claims.

If you have viable gold bearing claims, and have an interest to lease in exchange for access to our claims and

payment of your yearly BLM fees, we would be interested to talk to you about what we can offer as a Claim Holding

Member of the WSPA.

Our Annual Membership fee is $135 per year and Senior Membership (62 years) is $100 per year after the initial

first year of membership ($135). All memberships start Jan.1st. and end Dec. 31st. No memberships are pro-rated.

If you are interested in joining a small association of gold prospectors, and have an interest in metal detecting, dry

washing, or meteorite hunting, and don't mind sharing in a little work once in a while, we may have an opening

available for you. Membership acceptance is done by a voting process of current membership and takes

approximately two weeks to be accepted or denied. Membership is not guaranteed.

If you are interested in being a member of the WSPA please contact :

Chris Porter at: chris@westernstatesprospectingassociation.org

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