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Sluice box design questions, but not really gold!


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Hi, this is my first post here.

I m looking for help on sluice box design for a project and can find loads of info on collecting gold and not much else but it does seemt hat some of the gold sluice designers really know the science behind it so i figured i should ask here.

I have a sand slurry solution and i would like to trap the sand in a sluice system, the material is pumped and the speed can be varied but it is somewhere around 2000l/min, the solution is pretty watery and contains maybe 5% sand and 5% organic matter by weight ( these are approx numbers), i have read that larger riffles and slow flow rates lead to lighter material being deposited, obviously flow rate can be manipulated by the area of the box and the angle of incline.

I also need for the box to hold approx 1 tonne of sand beofre it needs emptying, i was planning to stop the flow of slurry, allow the water to drain and then tip the box sideways to make the sand fall out.

I guess what im really looking for is a starting point with some dimensions, length width depth of riffles, number of riffles, riffles design etc.

I thank anybody who takes the time to reply to my off topic post!


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Organic matter composition matters greatly. If your talkn' sticks and twigs your in for some real trouble. Go to home depot/whatever and lay out 20 -100 lb bags of cement and you'll see the impossibility of what you seek. Ifn'ya got a few million I can do but been designing and fabbing,wholesaleing mining equipment for many MANY years and what you seek is a pain to fab. The Grass Valley water shed restoration project was comprised of moving over 7,000 tons of decomposed granite sands from a massive settling pond. 3-12" dredges utilized. Or google EPA--Iron Mountain Keswick Reservoir sludge removal dredge and you will quickly see the folly of what ya seek. You got the $$$$$ and anything can be done,and for that kinda casha $$$$$$$$$ I will ALWAYS have the time---John

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