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looking for new ground... old miners cabin

Guest goldstudmuffin

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hello All,

I took a new road I've never used before into an old placer area and found a old miners cabin... It's interesting that the cabin had a addition added on and the addition had concrete floor, tin siding, and electricity... notice the power pole out back. The original cabin had wood floors, wood siding, no electricty... I'm sure it cost a bundle to get power that far into the mountain. He must have done well there mining to pay to have electricty brought in...




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thanks for the neat pics.

It always captures my attention when I run into stuff like that. Maybe it's a compulsive disorder, but I can't stop myself exploring what them ol' timers were up to. While not an expert on the value of gold, i'm sure what paid the bills then...will probably pay the bills now. :brows:

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:Just_Cuz_06: a monent in time...frozen...amazing how short that feller was who built that ol' tin sided cabin. Looks like quite a peaceful place,water had to be close?? and what was he a grubbn' at is such a fun mystery/adventure/ as seek and what ya find could be quite amazing. Have you detected around the cabin yet??? thanx mucho for great pics---John

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