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New scope system, "Point and Shoot"

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Some more info I found on this system, I feel safe to say that not many of us will be getting one of these unless we hit the motherload, $15,000 to $20,000!!!



"Initially the company will have three rifle models. The XS1 will be a tactical style rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum, the XS2 will be a smaller version of the XS1 chambered in .300 Win. Mag. and the XS3 will be a hunting version of the XS2. The company recently confirmed that rifles and scopes will go into production next year (2013)."

"Brankowrote on November 23rd, 2012 at 8:34 pm Link To Comment | Reply To Comment


pre-sale has started. Prices are $19,995.00, $17,500.00 and $14,995.00 for XS1, XS2 and XS3 in that order. Pre sale is 25% of the price, and they claim that item should arrive in Spring 2013.

A little more information is available now, but still not enough. Rifles will be made by Surgeon Rifles. Barrel lengths will be 27″ (XS1), 24″ (XS2) and 22″ (XS3). Barrels are made by Krieger Barrels. Scope will not be 50x, but 6-30x (for XS2 and XS3) and 6-35x (XS1). You get some ammo (200 rd) too. I don’t know is that ammo necessary for system to work, but I think it’s not, it would be unreasonable. Ballistic computer works fine up to 1200 yd for XS1, 1000 yd for XS2 and 750 yd for XS3.

They also claim that system does tracking of tagged target even if it gets out of field of view of rangefinder.


“Optic persistently tracks target and maintains Tag even if it leaves field of view. Reticle automatically adjusts for range and other ballistic variables.”

What they mean by “other ballistic variables”, we will see.

Latest, scope will also have wireless connectivity (I guess bluetooth). There will be an app for smartphones that can record everything you see through scope. Just by that, I can assume that target market are younger generation that don’t want to practice with rifle much, but like to share how bad ass they are icon_biggrin.gif (joke)

I can’t say is this good or bad, does it work or not, but I’m glad that tech is making its way around steel. This project might make success, might fail as well, but I hope it will be ignition for other to improve or make some inovations in the industry. I would like to try it out, but to actually use it for hunting? No thanks. Not my style. None the less, it has it own uses."




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Ya gotta be quick on the laptop touch screen ... wish I had a standard mouse but on the first go round only got an 18! Pretty bad but I will improve!

Just went again and got a 28 ... still room for improvement!

Mike F

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There is no doubt that a weapons system like this is a peek into the future. Especially for a sniper rifle as that would be the easiest place to start.

1200 yards is no huge feat for the big .300's. They will darn sure reach out there. And cool technology can sure give a fellow a keen edge. Whether or not it would enable a person to make a shot that they would not otherwise be able to make remains to be seen. But there is no doubt about the potential. There is a lot of cool technology being combined out there!

Still, a fellow that can dope the wind and knows the arc of his bullet is much more lethal at a half mile. At least for a little while longer.

From my experience a guy needs a setup like that to be able to afford the .338 Lapua. You cant afford to miss at $10-$12 a shot. By the time you price those rounds out that is about where they are. The .300 WinMag will probably smack you a five dollar bill every time it goes boom. In order to get any range time in with a rifle like that you must be pretty revved up about long distance shooting. And the practice it takes to develop a feel for trajectory and how the round reacts to the wind is impossible even if you were an oil tycoon.

They already have a computerized rangefinding scope that will do a solution based on your windage input. It will get you half way there for under $1500 bucks. Slap it on a custom built 30-06 or a 7mm mag and pretend that you are shooting a .338. You can still shoot 12" steel plates at 1200 yards but you wont blow them off the hangers. You will get a lot more bang for your buck than with the .338 unless your last name is Rockefeller.

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