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Puffer Drywash ?


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Got a used Puffer drywash machine, does run on battery.. got it setup pretty easy,but the question is . is there sapost to be a chain somewhere to make it viberate.. I have not tried it yet. going to run some dirt threw and see if i know what i am doing.. its pretty quiet..ka plunk of the baffles.. dont you hate newbys.. is the puffer the one that makes the rocks jump! ?

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Don't Know with out knowing what type ya have.

Post a Photo of it.

Some do and some don't!

I would think the Tumpy Thumpy of the Pump would do it.

Take your self a Tire Weight.

Cut a few shaving off of it and put them in a bucket of dirt.

Run it.

See how many you get back.

If you get half back your doing Good.

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That is a nice little puffer, and no a puffer doesn't use or need a chain.

The puffing action against the riffle cloth provide all the vibration it needs.

I test mine with # 8 lead bird shot . Mash half and leave the other half round.

Mix them in a bucket of dirt and run it through. I use 10 or 12 pieces,and if you

don't recover all of them,you need to do some adjusting. Most will be caught in

the first riffle,and the rest in the 2nd riffle.

If everything is set right,and the dirt is dry,you should catch them all.

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