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- What do I need to run a small operation to make approx. $50.00 a day on average? (of course i know it depends on the ground your digging as well).

-When I buy a placer claim what are some thinks I Can't do and some ways to get around them?

-What kind of equipment can I use and Can't?

-What is best equipment/tools to use for a small 2 man operation?

-After buying the claim, what approx. will it cost in equipment to get started?

-Where is the best place to buy or file for claims and how do i go about doing that?

-What is the difference between filing a claim and buying one?

-If there is anything else you think I should know please add that as well! Thanks!

I live in Red Bluff, California

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I suggest you invest in Chris Ralph's book...Fists Full of Gold....it is a comprehensive overview that answers many of the questions you have that can be answered...there are way too many variables to answer some of your questions...

You need to do some serious research, join a local club and get a taste of reality before you buy a claim...my Grandfather said "gold mines and meant for selling" and he was to my knownledge a honest man...many people selling claims are wolves feeding on the lambs of the world...buyer beware!


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Chris Fred speaks the truth.

Also you can make yourself money without owning a claim.

Some clubs you can join have very productive grounds it just takes some knowledge and perserverance to accomplish your goals.

Basic knowledge is what you need first.

Read Read and then Read some more, joining a club that has active outing schedules will get you rolling for hands on experience and will also answer some of the questions you will have from reading and research.

Welcome, good luck an Hapy Huntn

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