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Finally got a break


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After a long dry spell, I finally covered my fuel. Spent a couple days last week down near Stanton on the other side of the hill. Cost me a conversation with a snake and 3 stitches but if I could find gold like this I would do it every week. probably going to pay some sweat labor before hitting a hot day like this one.

Big fella 10.1 grams

middle 4.3

small 1.4


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Way to go.....you can be proud of those nugs for sure :)

What a good score. Keep at it...GL out there.

Tom H.

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Nice!!! Thousand dollar payday is good no matter how you shake it ... Got some story to go with those beauties? ... Cheers, Unc

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I was using my Super Lobo in polaroid mode (point and shoot). Pretty foolproof machine, I also have a GMT, both are pretty forgiving though I'm starting to lean toward the Lobo.

Only story about them Ron was 15 min before I found the 1st one I came across a rattler under a rock. We chatted for a bit and I moved on. When I got a target beep I of course looked around and area was clear of critters. Started digging and sifting, when I reached to get another handful near one of those fish hook barrel cactus, it poked my arm and of course first instinct in desert is if you feel a poke, get the hell out of there. I jerked my arm away and cactus laid me open. took rags, tape and stitches to clean up. All in all a good day either way, spent time with some friends and had some laughs.

The moral of the story is I finally found more than what fuel to get there cost WOOHOO!

I am fortunate to live in Wilhoit, it's a good central area. Go in any direction and I'm in business.

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Very nice find!

I don't know about you guys, but I find it hard to sell the nuggets that I've found. I guess I will keep them for a rainy day - and this week has been a "Sandy" week for me. :th:

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