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Stunning Rhodochrosite Specimens From The Sweet Home Mine, CO

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Tremendous specimen of Rhodochrosite atop a large Pyrite with Tetrahedrite and Quartz!

From Collector's Pocket, 2nd Crosscut, Sweet Home Mine,


From the Sweet Home Mine and easily the largest Pyrite crystal, this specimen was formally in the private collection of Bryan Lees.

The main rhomb at the top measures over 4 cm in size from corner to corner and is a deep

red with an internal glow that radiates through the entire translucent crystal! The bottom side

and far right side faces are misted and this is probably what helps the color become so intense.

The Rhodo rhomb is in perfect condition and sits atop a 2.3 cm Pyrite which is as shiny as it

is striated. A sprinkling of dark Tetrahedrite and needle Quartz crystals accent the surface.

All in all, this is a MAJOR Rhodochrosite and possibly the finest combination of Rhodo and

Pyrite ever found at the Sweet Home. A specimen that is easily worthy of the finest collections.

GORGEOUS deep red rhombs of Rhodochrosite atop needle Quartz with Pyrite and Tetrahedrite!


This specimen has that rich cherry-red color that makes Sweet Home Rhodos world famous! It also

has more than its fair share of gemminess and flash! These glassy rhombs are well placed among the

Quartz needles and further accented by lustrous gray Tetrahedrite and golden Pyrite crystals. No

damage to speak of, the rhombs are complete and sharp.

From the Pincushion II Pocket, Fluorite Raise, Sweet Home Mine in Alma, Park County, Colorado.

Measures 5 cm by 7.4 cm in size.

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Thanks for the nice pics Bill. I come across needle quartz and pyrite often only to discard. I wasn't aware there is a market for it. Along with chunks of proxymagnite (sp) aka rhodnite. I chipped some out of a interior hidden high mountain waterfall.

Just to busy looking for gold all the time.

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Interesting info.

Its main use is as an ore of manganese which is a key component of low-cost stainless steel formulations and certain aluminium alloys. Quality banded specimens are often used for decorative stones and jewelry. Due to its being relatively soft, and having perfect cleaveage, it is very difficult to cut, and therefore rarely found faceted in jewelry.


I noticed on wiki Rhodochrosite has many different looks.

Nice pics Bill.


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