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New Quad Tires===Review

frank c

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Just bought 1st set of replacement tires for my 02 Suzuki.

After window shopping on the net and stoppin in a few ATV shops deceided to go with a set from a internet site.

Went with ITP Swamplites 6 ply non radial. Lots of good customer reviews for these off road tires.

I had the oppertunity to do a hands on with a new one while at one of the retail ATV shops.

Before mounting I checked out the side walls and impressed. They are very sturdy.

Not thin and flimsy.

I only received the fronts so far the place I ordered from had them in stock an shipped received in 2 days.

I'm waiting for the matching rears to get here from OHIO warehouse.

The fronts came UPS and "loose" the driver just carried them to the door.

They were not compressed out of shape or boxed.

After I get the rears next week and put some miles on them I'll add remarks here.

I stayed with factory replacement sizes

Fronts 22x7x11 Tread height .66"

Rears I could not get the exact size of 22x10x9 I had to go to 22x11x9 Tread height 1.00" I believe

Should work out fine no clearance problems there.

I was looking at $46.88 fronts EA.

and $75. rears EA.

No tax Free shipping.

I have been out hunting the last 3 trips with "MAYPOPS" and finally deceided its time I don't do flats.

As everyone knows that has shopped for these ATV tires they aint cheap well there are some cheaper brands out there but I wouldn't buy em.

I'm thinkin a minium of 6 ply on these and I wouldn't consider a 4 ply.

I'll be back,....in awhile after I put some miles on em an tell ya how they're takin the punishment of handling an overloaded quad. :old:

AND how much GOLD they are capable of producing :th::yesss::brows::4chsmu1::head: :head: :head:




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Eld, I had slime in all 4 and glad I did.

the past 2 trips I had noticed a wet spot on the tire and realized it was the slime coming out from the inside sealing a pretty good needle hole.

Mike good to hear somebody has these also.

And for 3 years , great how is the tread holding up ??

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I am looking to replace my quad tires soon also, getting bald. I notice every time I go out, I get a new pinhole leak or 2, and they go flat withing a day or 2. I plug them, put slime in, but always get a new hole when riding. Let me know how those new tires work out for you buddy, also check your PM.


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Mike good to hear somebody has these also.

And for 3 years , great how is the tread holding up ??

Hi Frank after 3 + years the fronts are starting to get worn down more than the rears-I figure the fronts have about 30-40 % left and the rears are about 50%-you probably go out alot more than me-I only go out maybe once or twice a month and none when its boiling here in the AZ furnace :idunno: -I got a really good deal when I bought mine-I was at a mom and pop atv store and they had a set of ITP rims-center cps and chrome lugs with the tires already mounted he told me $350.00 out the door and Ive had them ever since :brows: -they sure are pretty until you beat them up alittle-Have fun :4chsmu1: Mike C... :200:

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Every time I've gotten a flat it was a sharp rock in between the treads so I want my tread spacing packed tight, we got these for the buggy and they seem very good, no rumble at slow speeds, very smooth at high speed and a tight tread pack, my quad still has good tires but I might put these on my polaris as well when the time comes.post-1755-0-85802600-1353903581_thumb.jp

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WOW just got the rears delivered UPS today.

Lookin good really strong sidewalls and in-between the tread cleats seems plenty tough and thick.

I think the right air pressure is whats most important when wanting trouble free miles That allows the tires to give and roll over , conform to hazzards they come upon.

Can't wait to try these babys out on the local 1/4 mile strip :ROFL::head: :head: :head:

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Nope but I did go to town yesterday to pick up a 15.5 gallon Bucket of beer.

My two favorite words...Bucket and Beer, what did you get El D? Karl Strauss?

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NAW.... With Mrs El Dorado just about to retire, I am on a tight beer budget these days. Good Ol' PBR is what I am pouring for about the next 6 weeks. My favorite is Mendocino Brewing "Eye of the Hawk" a creamy smooth ale. Next Keg for sure.

Life is good with a keg close to my man cave..........

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