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Is there a way...

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for a person to disable the gallery on an individual basis? I have noticed that Nugget Shooter forum doesn't load near as fast lately since the gallery began.

I'm on a fixed byte internet plan and it's gobbling my bytes up each time I refresh page or visit the site. I'm sure that i'm not the only one on a slow internet service that has noticed this slow opening of the NSF page.

The more images added, the slower it will get.

Sorry to complain Bill. Just asking.


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I don't see that you're complaining, just trying to get the best you can out of this forum, and I'm sure that there're others out there that this question will help in getting more form this forum as well, it's a great question!!!

On each of the items on the main page there is a "minimize" button that looks like a small - or X, you will have to hover over it to see it, it should be in the right upper corner of each section/window, even the forums section has this minimize button, only the title of each section would be visible after you minimize a section/window.

You can minimize all of the sections/windows and just open one when you what to view that section and then close it after you done.

I'm not sure if it will make this site load faster, I haven't tried it since I have a very high speed connection and I don't think I would see much difference in the loading speed, but let us know if it works for you, which will help others know that have a low speed connection.


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