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Moon rock?

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Is this an ordinary porphyr rock? It is found on an esker in shallow water some 170 km north of Stockholm, Sweden. Nearest place where there is porphyr naturaly is laying 250 km away. This rock has obviosly been affected by the ice-age and can of course been moved such long way. But when I read about porphyr and breccia-rocks from the moon I find that breccia that has been created on earth often has structural "dots", like squared, trianglared and so on. If the breccia is created by an asteroid impact on the moon there will be no structural "dots". On this rock I can't find any structural formations at all, which makes me wonder. But in the same time all dots seams to be in more or less the same size and that is a proof for that the the rock is from earth, what do you think?



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