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Traveled to the rim today to escape the heat for a day. Temps were fantastic at 7500' I sure love Arizona!  So much variety all in one state.    

A few pics from yesterday's little trip into the hills.  

. This group of pics was taken at Copper Basin, AZ

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Made it back home to little ol' Morristown a couple of weeks ago. The pallet of stuff I shipped back from Alaska had my computer, so had to wait for it to arrive before sharing the few pics I took this summer.

This first batch was the second stop along the trail north.

Good friend Frank C's front yard view.


Out hunting with Frank




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Later that morning I arrived at a good friend's home in the Motherlode. Spent the next few days exploring and having a great time. Got to meet Ray Mills and his hunting partner on an afternoon hunt at my host's claim. Didn't find any big Motherlode nuggets, but had a blast. We then went to see some of the giant trees of California.

First stop: Sequoia's at a hidden little spot.




Walking back from the grove of trees, we started hearing thunder...barely made it back to the Jeep!


Thats all for now...lots more to come :pop:

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Sorry for the delay in new pic's. Haven't had reliable interweb for awhile.

A few more from California! Got a chance to go to the Muir Woods with good ol' Eldorado...those Redwoods are magnificent and the company was even better.




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That sure was a great trip. While in AZ I was telling Dave that some trees in California easily grow to well over 200 feet he actually thought I was jerking his leg. When I showed him some in person that were over 300' he was in awe. Next trip I want to show him some of the biggest trees in the world...... Giant Sequoias, not as tall but certainly much bigger.

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Anybody got idea's on a different photo hosting? I've been using photobucket, but I'm out of storage and it's getting glitchy.

No other sites but a couple quick ways to free up space..

Dump any vid unless it's absolutely necessary to keep posted.. Vid's the #1 space hog..

Get rid of any "duplicate" shots (you'll find plenty) i.e. five slightly different sunset shots where one will do..

Get rid of any non-story-telling shots i.e. Vehicle parked in a campground, coffee pot on campfire grill rack when it's

included in another campfire shot, non-specific half packed / unpacked truck bed or trailer, plethora of flowering plants,

same mtn chain shot 40 mi later, assembling equipment etc., etc., etc...

2nd biggest storage hog = uploading unedited photos.. For ex., one of my cam's standard pix size is 17xx x 32xx pixels..

You can cut that by 75% and still end uploading a 5X8 inch photo.. So you may need to go back into your photo editor

and just resize pix.. Cropping saves even more room.. Also, I think all photo editors today give an option to convert

from RAW, but if you haven't done so you're using 10x more space than is necessary.. So convert image format, and

in most cases ya can back off from 100% imaging too.. 96% is just as sharp while saving mucho pixel overkill.. Usually

the conversion is to jpeg.. All this should open up at least 50% room, if vids too even more..

Or you can always open up another account under a different name.. If on same computer just use a different 1st name..

If on a different computer, what ever.. Even if you have a static IP they ain't gonna send the picture police, ya know..? :4chsmu1:

Hope this helps,


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