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Sonoran Dave

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These pics are from my claims in Nome

If you look on the hill in the right center, the green spot is my tent! These were all taken after hiking up the hills on each side putting in claim stakes....hard work :th:




Riding in a whirlybird....waaaay fun :)


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HEY this one with yer Jeep and the cooler on top, its that a Ol Yeller Little Guy on the roof rack too ?

Hows that thing holdin up ??


These were all taken on a trip to Rich Hill.

It sure is :thumbsupanim

Works great and have no complaints. I've run a bunch of dirt through both that "little guy" and the "Ol' Yeller" I got from you. Nary a problem with either! They are currently sitting in storage in Prescott, patiently awaiting my return from the frigid north. I value them highly, they are made well and, if you don't mind me saying...built by a friend.

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Man I love this thread, thank you Dave!

Well here are some more :D

Dredging at the claims.




This one is the Ruby Roadhouse. Completely shingled by old crates! Inside the walls for insulation was a layer of newspaper sandwiched in between tarpaper. A closer look reveiled and advertisment from a local supply company... leather shoes for 5 cents!!!! Date on the paper was 1912 :old:


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Thanks guys :-)

Got plenty more pics. when we get settled and I can start putting a few up again.

After living in AK most of my life, I'm not sure I could ever get it completely out of my blood. It will always be home...and require yearly visits. Like in July, when there is NO snow!!!

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OK folks... Been a few days since this has had some new material.

Went to Crown King on Sat. from Prescott via the Senator Hwy. Here is a start to a new batch of pics from along the trail :200:

Motley crew taking a break @ the Arraste Creek trailhead.



Looking out over Battle Flat.



More to come!

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