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Went Garage Sailing and...

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Found a "once used" Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II for a good deal and decided to buy it. Came with headphones and a nice padded carry bag.

Well, I ran it through it's paces.

A zinc penny, a nickle, a war nickle, a dime, a quarter and a kennedy 50 cent piece. It hit on all of them and correctly ID'ed 100%. I then got messing with it in my front yard and it says I have coins all over my yard! So out comes the digging tool and the pin pointer I bought from Bill a while back. Well in a grewling 10 minute hunt I found all of what is in the picture. The wheat penney was at 6". So, not too bad for a lowend detector.


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Aloha Jim,

Well it is about time you got to finding all them coins someone has been planting in your yard anyway.

Aloha and stay well,

Stan aka Kaimi

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