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how to know if coil on garrett2500 is bad..

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My garret buzzy loud the whole time I use it. I have set the senitivity to 5 and the threshold is 5 ,tried to ground balance, but when i run it over anything it start buzzing and doesnt stop.. turned the volume down even , could the coil be bad..? I already checked the connection and its in great shape,

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try a different coil and if that stops the noise it is the coil...but it does not sound like a coil problem...check your batteries and be sure they are in correctly...check the coil connector sometimes the metal shorts to the wires inside the connector...take it back to the dealer where you bought it and ask for help...


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thanks Fred the conector was not connected correctly and i fixed the lead so the ire run up straight and fastened it and then turned it around . It works fine now.. thanks

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