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Couple of Questions??


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Hello everyone,

I have a Whites GMT and spent the last few months figuring it out. I'm at the point where I have found a few nuggets, but only in my drywash tailings, and in the bottom of my holes. It's amazing how small of a flake one can find with the GMT. The largest nugget is a round 1.6 grams. The wash I have been finding my gold on a club claim in the Johnnie district in NV has about 1.5-3 feet of overburden on the bedrock. I have detected the wash many times, not getting any (gold)signals, but continue to find nuggets when I dig. I figure I need about another 6-10 inches of depth to be able to detect this gold, I understand there is a 14 inch coil that I could get for the GMT. The question is, would that do the trick? Would it give me the depth I need? I know I would lose some ability to find the smaller stuff. Is that coil worth getting. I also believe I may be getting close to the source of the gold (if there is one) If I figure how to post pics of the gold I will. Since i have finally found gold, my new goal is to find gold not connected to my tailings or my hole. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks Chris

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Yuppers, the GMT is a fine VLF beeper.

I'm partial to it with the stock factory coil.

As Adam stated move some dirt then beep the wash.

Also start gettin into the banks and side hills.

Practice listening for the "interruptions" of the threashold, not a clear ZIP ZIP but breaks from the normal setting.

Heres 1 patch with the GMT.


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Thanks everyone for the advice!

Frank, Wow!! impressive! What is the max depth you are getting gold with the stock coil? I am going to try and hit the banks this weekend. I have been playing around with any interuption in the threshold, i appreciate that hint. I know there is more gold in that wash, but as of now I have no idea of the source,

Thanks Chris

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Chris the larger the gold the deeper any machine will detect it.

All those small pieces were found within a few inches of the surface.

If you hit a piece on the detector cover the area and then start taking off a few inches of soil and re detect the area.

I have detected meteorites at much greater depths with the GMT best detected at approx. 12-14 inches.

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