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Congressional Budget Office S. 3525

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S3525 is a good bill. Where is the rub?

Your links are to the BUDGET OFFICE REPORT that analizes the budgetary impact (very little). You should link to the actual bill that was passed! Who voted for it? Against it? Why? What were the issues? Were there any issues?

It allows them to increase fees for a federal duck stamp. Big deal. If you would have linked to the actual bill you could read about the change. They pass a bill like this and increase that duck stamp fee about every 7-8 years or so. I remember when the stamp was $1.25.

I will buy you a license and a duck stamp of you can tell me how much one cost last year and how much this bill will increase that cost.

And the private inholdings. That is SUCH a good idea for Sportsmen as well as Gold Prospectors. Land owners too. Why not continue working on making public land uninterrupted and accessable? Most of the lands are windmill sites (usually 5 ac) in the middle of old leased ranches. Or corral sites that were patented way back when. Also old millsites and such. There is no market for that type of land for an owner and this bill allows it to be purchased and re-established as public.

Also, this is EXACTLY how access is managed on those land locked pieces of BLM. They buy or trade small parcels of private land that lie between roads and larger expanses of BLM/FS land thereby creating public access. I just can't see a problem with that. If there is one what would it be?

Are we objecting to raising the price of a duck stamp here? Or are we objecting to buying islands of private land within expanses of BLM/FS land? And why?

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Try quack quack boom, quack quack boom.

I never was much of a duck hunter. Here in this bone dry country you shoot them at 200 yards with your varmint gun when they land on a water tank in the desert. Not that I have ever done that mind you. I just heard of a lot of guys doing it. Through the grapevine so to speak.


That duck stamp program is a pretty good one. Hunters are always the best contributors to actually preserving wildlife. And there is no doubt that without the duck stamp program there would be no ducks. Most hunters that know the history of that program are staunch supporters.

Just like land usage stamps and licenses. Most sportsmen in New Mexico buy that license every year whether they hunt or not. We were all trined to do that as kids and we went from zero deer and elk to a world class herd of both. It was all due to transplanting and good management and it took several thousand people 25 years to do it. But it was done and now once again New Mexico is a world class sportsman's paradise. We even have an exotic African antelope and a little Persian goat to hunt to boot! So those license fees and stamps have worked out pretty well in my little isolated world.

So have the land swaps. we have so much BLM here it is crazy. And land ownership within those areas are sometimes nonsensical. They are always buying little pieces of land and such. No big deal. New access is popping up all over and they are working hard to get access to a big new wilderness...Sabinoso.

What a place! They have been close a few times but the details have always fallen through. With any luck a complicated swap/sale/exchange will take place and the public can freely access it one day.

As it is now the BLM will give you the names of land owners and you call and ask permission from at least two different ones (depending on where you want to go). Permission is not difficult to get but the ranchers have agreed that they will not allow people in without horses. Many people report that they have been turned away if they plan to explore on foot. It is up to the ranchers discretion and after a few rescues they decided not to let greenhorns walk in there and get lost.

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