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WOW!! what a beautiful picture, couldn't tell you where it is (alot of pine tree's in the background, could be a clue) but I have been wondering where Chucktx2 has been lately. Get well ol buddy!!

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That is the stamp mill form the Herman mine here on the Foresthill Divide. I took it during one of the work parties to help bring it out of the canyon and restore it for a community legacy.

That's me with the bandana


Another shot:


What the heck, one more


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That is really neat! Obviously by count I see twenty stamps, but was it considered two separate ten stamp mills,

or a twenty stamp mill?

And especially, How is the rebuild coming? Will it actually be operable, if just to hear it?


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The resurrection has hit some snags, but I think they will be overcome. The land changed hands. There are two mills there, one is comprised of a double 10 stamp and the other is a single 10 stamp.

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Eldo, did the restoration get finished?

FYI: I like my coffee, like my women. Hot & Black!

If your wondering, I like my beer like my women too, Lite & Domesic. ;-)

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I love looking at that old iron. Fortunately, I live very close to the Superstition Mountain Museum. They had a 20 stamp donated from NM and have moved it to the site with the intentions of getting it running again.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you can see a small pic. http://superstitionmountainmuseum.org/

Do an image search for "superstition mountain musem mill" and you'll get some other, and amazing, pics. :)

To add to Blake's statement... I like my coffee like I like women - hot, sweet, and white :brows:

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