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3 Dinks for the day


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Hey all:

Got to go out with Dad today and give his new plumbing a test run :) Did good!

Hit three different washes and got a dink out of each one. Good Lord blessed us with some good times in the desert and some gold.

Two of them were in the bank of the wash and the other one was in a spot that I found a couple of nugs in last year. Guess the monsoons dropped another one in it for me.

Good time out and the weather was great.


1.1 grams....paid for the gas for another trip :)

Tom H.


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Old Tom got out and hittin' it a lot faster than I did after my bypass surgery ... That's a very good thing ... Glad to hear it ... Cheers, Unc

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Ron, us older guys don't have much time left so we have to get out there sooner. Seriously though I didn't have any damage to my heart and that's a good thing. This thing took me completely by suprise as I was feeling just fine when they told me I had two blocked at 90%, one at 80%, and two at 60%. Doc says I have another 10,000 miles left in me.

Adam, The gold bug went right over one of those dinks and Tom came along with the mine lab and scooped it up. He is really getting to play that thing like a fiddle. That machine take a little time to fine tune, makes one wonder just how many you did miss while putting it all togeather.

Really was a great day out. You guys here in the desert have no excuse now to get out there and start beepen. A little chilly at the start but by nine the jacket came off and the brow was moist. Looking forward to many more.

Old Tom

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