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What's the buzz?

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Decided to take break from the Batcave and had a break in the rain so I tought a quick excursion was in order.

Hooked up B&L's battery and off to races---- but there seemed to be a noticeable buzz in my ear. Traced it to unit. Is this normal? ... or maybe I was developing some St. Elms Fire and wasn't aware.

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Ya it's the amp, it actually clips the low and high frequencies :(

Nothing worse then adding electronic noise to the critical threshold tone.

I've done several months of testing on these chips, comparing to the stock ML amped battery.

That said I much prefer the clean quality audio of ML's amped battery over the B&L or the GS.

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NVChris-Thanks. So I'm assuming if it is the amp itself there is no sense in experimenting with relocating it---

Before my last outing I only used the ML--- just figured with the small window in the weather I wouldn't get to beep for more than a couple of hours.

Garimpo---I hear you on the rain. Seems like a Jan. Or Feb. pattern in place already.

HoserJ---plenty of banana leaves around. Problem here in the city is that they love that Bolivian marching powder.

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