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The $2000.00 question

Allen in MT

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Here is a chunk of silver that a friend of mine got from another guy who got it from someone else. It is not known where it origionated from.

It has been xrarayed and it weighs 76 ounces.

The question is, Is it a natural nugget?? or has it been poured. If it is natural it is a great specimin. There are a couple of drill spots and a piece has been cut for testing and it is good. and show to be 95% silver. I don't remember if he said the chunk weight was 95% silver or if it was 95% pure silver

It was black to begin with and has been cleaned.

What say you







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I have never seen natural silver in a solid chunk like that before. So I guess this is my first... :brows:


PS-But I can PM you a link to look at several pic's of silver if you request.

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Yup the Bridal Chamber mine was so rich they ran a rail track in there to just cut the ore out and drop right into the cart with no smelting needed. Looks like it could be natural to me as well and have seen similar...

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