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This one may not be ODD to some but I've been detecting for many years an never hit on one like this.
Paper thin and detected in the top 6 inches of some loose sluff in a wash. Its the type that could easily run right over the riffels of a drywasher and back into the ground.
A VLF nugget I thought but I hit it with the P.I. an a 16" coil !!
Might have just been the case for somebody years ago that didn't detect their tailings when drywashing.
Didn't mean to deface ol Rosevelt with a cauliflower ear !!! Its just the way I shot the pic. hasn't been cleaned yet.
A neat lil piece though.



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Frank I think that I'd call that my 'Corn Flake' nugget. Tom and I have found some that thin but not as big in diameter. The ones that we found were formed in grey shist and when facing upright the PI will go right over it and the GB Pro picks it up later. Laying flat it is a screamer tho.

Old Tom

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I have detected some genuine "cornflakes" but they were all much larger than this.
So I guess this must be a "mini" cornflake, or a son of a cornflake.

I do know from lots of testing that these "cornflake" or flat pieces are very prone to actually "floating" over the riffles and along the riffle board to exit back to mother nature. Because of their shapes and thinness its like goin over the rapids !!!!!!

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Here is a cool one...did not find it...but still nice to look at. Its a late 1800's crystalline wire gold nugget. stick pin. I guess the story to these was the miner would wear this on Sundays if he had a day off or had a special event to got to. Depending on how successful he was the larger the nugget it would be. This one ways in at around 7 grams.




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Now can you imagine that slowly breaking off into tiny pieces and finding it in wash below? Sure explains a lot of things for sure. Great pic Bill!

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