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Guest goldstudmuffin

I'll add another one... the golden half moon. If you look hard and use a little imagination you can see a man in the moon face.

It's a small 1/4 inch face left sideof the nigget in the center of the nugget... it's facing the dime.

Can you see it?


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This is one way a little tiny nugget can become bigger and bigger and bigger.

It tumbles down a stream and gets lodged between some river rocks and more nuggets come in behind it and boulders are tunbling thru on their way to no where. And that little nugget is taking a pounding like no other nugget has been pounded before. Then one day all of those little nuggets that came behind the first little nugget started to give into that tiny nugget and they began to attach theirselves just like barnacles on a sunken ship. Then a few days later a storm like no other comes thru and the water becomes too much for the nugget and it begins to tumble and roll along just like the huge bolders were doing. It must have rained for 20 days. The gold nugget must have traveled a good 100 miles at least until the rain finally stopped. And as the water began to lower you could see an eddy start to form in the stream. What could it be? And then the eddy began to grow and the glimmer of gold began to appear....and man-o-man did it ever shine.... :brows: I could get a hernia just looking at it... :ROFL: Ain't she a bute????



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Hi all,

Since you all have chosen to show some of your nuggies, I guess I will post some I have found, and YES, you probably may have seem some if them before, but there may be folks who have never seen them...so here goes...

The Hole in My Heart nugget (3.3 grams)post-23-0-57289500-1356749405_thumb.jpgworried Chuck a little when I first posted it. When I posted the nuggets name, he thought I had a health issue. Nope. Don't get yer hopes up...

The Golden Bug nugget (5.2 grams)post-23-0-97015900-1356749467_thumb.jpgis a head scratcher. Most unusual. Looks for all the world to be a casting of a winged bug of some sort. Likely won't see one like that any time soon... Unless I get a awesome bid!

Africa nugget (20.7 grams)post-23-0-51159100-1356749828_thumb.jpg What more can I say about that? I thought it might look cool with a bail of some sort, and a small diamond inset somewhere on the nugget...

Convoluted (5.1 grams)post-23-0-89008000-1356750076_thumb.jpgIt is so.

Hopper nugget- front (4.5 grams) post-23-0-81772800-1356750667_thumb.jpg

Hopper nugget- back (still 4.5 grams)post-23-0-66937200-1356750722_thumb.jpg

Gold Hound nugget (3.4 grams) post-23-0-91027800-1356750789_thumb.jpgLooks like my blue heeler hound (Pepper) from the rear, sitting on her haunches, stubby little tail sticking out, both ears perked up, waiting for dad to get home.

Sponge gold nugget (2.3 grams) post-23-0-30800000-1356751339_thumb.jpgWhen I detected this nugget, it didn't look anything like it does here. It was, rather, a dark red desert varnish coated roundish rock, totally on top of the ground. I suspect many kicked it aside thinking it was a hot rock. When I cleaned it with acid, clr or the like, the ugly rock became a beautiful nugget. Had I known what the red rock actually contained, I would have exposed only a part of the piece, saving some of the red old covering, while exposing some of what you see here. I believe this nugget could have been lost from the saddlebags of a passing prospector, who may have found it eleswhere to the south, where instances of black gold nuggets were more commonly found. Maybe someone could comment on that.

My hands look red here, must be the artificial light...


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