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Brrrrrrrrrrr! How Cold Is It?

Dakota Slim

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Just outside Chicago my daughter and I are ducking as the first cold snap approaches,

it was 65 yesterday, they are predicting low 20's tomorrow morning without the inevitable wind chill.

This is apparently no big deal for this area

but the whole reason I live(d) in the southwest is because I hate the cold.

Oh and did I mention the wind?

Good Lord...

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Snow and 18 this morning. Wind blew hard all night. It'll warm to 70 though as the sun is out on the blanket of snow. Wear your coveralls, your hat, your sungasses, your sunscreen, your scarf and your boots. Build an igloo and go swimming all in the same day in the New Mexico rockies today.

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Way too cold for me. My thermometer showed 38 when I got up. Valley of the sun is now valley of the sunbeam refrigerator. At leat I am not the only one in Phoenix wearing thermals!

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Not to bad here this AM 28. I am with you Chris the days are too short. I would rather be working outside in the 30's than when it is over 100. David wait till you have 3 feet of snow and it turns to slush that is when you will head to Brazil. Hope you and Natalie are doing well.


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Yeah, the wind is "brisk" today. My whole head aches when I go out in it. And the snow is pouring down again...It looked like it was going to be a nice day but I guess not. Oh well....

The same temps in the spring and you want to take your shirt off. First thing in the fall and you think you are going to freeze. It is funny how summer will make the first little cold snap so miserable.

I have a javelina roast cooking and I am going to innoculate myself agains the Swine Flu with some green chile stew today. Gonna try to get that metabolism going for the winter. Maybe spend some time staring at the flames and solving the mysteries of life.

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Thank you Beeper Bob,

Natalie and I are doing fine so far,

but we both hate the shortened days here in the far north of the country.

It is dark by 4:30 and some days when it is overcast,

it is twilight all day long...very weird and it takes some getting used to for sure.

But we are learning - we have no choice!

I hope you and Susan are doing ok,

best wishes...

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It is so cold in my house that I am having trouble getting a fire lit. When I light a fire, the flames raise up and freeze solid. The burning wood below melts the flames and it puts the fire out.

I am going to go warm up in the refrigerator and try again here in a few minutes.

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27 here in the Motherlode this morning, but the sun is shining and it is nice enough outside to take care of chores.

Flak, make sure you let Don know that at least one of those beers has to have something left in it.......Just because he is holding two bottles, can only mean he has not found a place to dump the one empty one

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