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Any Ideas?

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any ideas what this is?





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Oh COME ON JIm! You know the drill! Streak, hardness, SG!

It looks like a yellow silicate. Only hardness and streak is gonna get you any closer than that, no?

Does it have a greasy feel to it? Kinda waxy?

Some definite cleavage planes. You can see the crystal structure nicely. Calcium? Boron? Tantalum? Nephelene Syenite?

Smell? Taste? Emiting any gamma rays? Beta waves? Telekinetic powers?

It looks soft...crack cocaine?

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Petrified butter

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It is not opal. The ragged edges on the breaks indicate cryptocrystalline and not microcrystalline. And the fracture is not conchoidal. You can see the natural crystal shape in the cleavage plane. So it was formed under a little pressure and sugary, not glassy like an opal. The breaks and lines and sugary edges indicate something coarser than opal.

Looks like it is about the hardness of opal though just from the photo. I dont know how you could tell hardness from a photo but that is the impression I get from the shape and lustre. It just looks soft. Kinda waxy.

At least that is my story and I am sticking to it.

It is more than just silica. There is a calcium or something else in there that gives it that cleavage plane. It'l probably streak just like you expect it would so that is probably no help, but harness is the key to getting close.

I'm callin it Nephelene Syenite. I know that is not what it is but I like that name. If I ever had another kid I would name him Nephelene Syenite.

It looks like cactus candy, but it could be a peanut rich Karosilicate formed in the confectionary period.

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Okay...so what is this?


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There are just too many yellow rocks to choose from. A hardness, SG and streak test would be helpful. It looks grainy so a wild a$$ guess would be a type of quartzite. It could also be marble, jade of some type of jasper. I have a piece of Danburite that looks similar but I don’t think that is what you have. Danburite is usually clear crystals like quartz but it does come in yellow and can be less translucent.

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