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how do I????

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Go to your profile page, in the upper left corner click on "Edit my profile", look at the left side of the page and in the column click on "Signature", then edit your signature, click on "Save Changes" and you should be set.

Are you no longer going to be selling paydirt?


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Sorry, yes it is in the upper right, I meant to type right, but it came out left :grr01: .

When I go to your profile page and click on the edit link, I also don't see "Signature" in the column either, as I do when my on profile page, it must be me being an Administrator is why it's different.

What I do see when I click edit on your profile page is that the signature edit box is on that page down at the bottom instead of having to click the additional link, if you don't see the signature edit box when you click on the edit link, I will send you a link that may make it so you maybe able to see the edit box, I will send the PM now with a link to see if you can see it from the link, then Bill or I will try and see why it is you can't access the signature box from your profile page.


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