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goldmaster for gold in black sand


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I recently went out and each trip found a small nugget, the first 3 i ever found. I also picked up a 7.5 gram 14k gold braclet to trump all my nuggets while i was at it, lol

I was using GM4b stock 5x10 concentric. I did get a few really small signals and were to tough to pinpoint in areas that were not heavy in black sand and just pinched some dirt in a container and then panned it and found a small 1.8 grain flake. There are some spots with slight washouts from rains and streaks of black sand. Any tips for tweaking the detector for finding more tiny flakes or possibility small patches of fines like this in heavier black sand runs? Ive heard you can balance out small gold.

I have the small shooter DD but have not used it much yet and not here and i also have the big goldmax DD. The nuggets go 1.8 grains, 9.8 grains, 14.6 grains.

I definately wouldnt mind going and and picking up 15-20 .5-2grain flakes to pan out later. 254.jpg

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You shouldn't have the detector automatically balance out gold with the GM4b. That usually happens with a detector that has an automatic ground balance system. However, if you ground balance over very small gold, it might happen. So, be careful on the ground balancing.

Now, if the ground balance is not set correctly even by the slightest amount, you can easily miss very small gold in areas with a lot of black sand or even under some rocks having magnetite in them.

You might experiment with this to see what I mean. Take some black sand and lay a small nugget in it and see if you can detect it. If you get even the slightest negative response from the black sand as you pass the coil over it, most likely you will miss the nugget. Get the ground balance right on the money or even with a very slight positive signal from the sand and they you should get a signal from the small gold you put in the sand.

The ground balance thing is touchy when trying to hunt around black sand and does take time to master.

Watch the videos for the GMT made by Jimmy Sierra. He points this black sand and gold problem out in one of them.


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Robor, the SAT ("Self Adjusting Threshold") circuit WILL null out sgnals on even larger targets IF you stop the coil over the target. The key is to keep the coil moving. Optimally tuned, the GM4b will find flakes as small as 1/4 grain, even smaller when using high performance headphones. The most important factor in optimal tuning of ANY VLF prospecting detector is precise ground balance, Even being slightly out of balance will reduce sensitivity to small gold, as well as depth on larger pieces. The book "Advanced Nuggetshooting - How to Prospect for Gold with a Metal Detector" goes into great detail on the "plus sound-minus sound" simplified method of ground balancing. Once you've worked out the optimal gain/SAT speed/ground balance setting for your area, be sure to dig those really faint signals. Some of them will be yella... Hope this helps; HH Jim

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Ive been looking for the book "zip zip" but no luck finding it. I cant even imagine 1/4 grain. I just pulled 3 nuggets last week 14.6 , 9.8 and 1.8 grains and the 1.8 was small. I didnt really find the gold as much as took the pinch of dirt and put it in peanut butter jar and panned it later. But that was not in mineralized ground. Now that i have a spot that has gold i should be able to practice more and get better. I bought good headphones but have only used them once, infact with the 1.8 grain flake for about 30 min. I dont like using the headphones because with signals they got to loud. But if they keep helping me find gold il be using them. And i have been trying to balance slightly plus insteald of balance perfect even though one step and its not balanced any more, lol.

Also i have not been messing with the SAT and last time i had less than perfect thresh so i should have tried it. Im sure im not farmiliar enough with the detector.

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Keep your eye on ebay. Glenn was correct as it was mentioned on the forum and was listed on ebay by one of the members. It was sold I believe.

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