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Old small nugget coils?


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Ive been talking to my uncle who went nugget hunting with someone 20+ years ago and he swears they used some sort of whites detector with a coil that was only maybe 2" in diameter. Anyone ever hear of or seen these?

He said they found alot of really tiny cold in one tailing pile.

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My pin pointer is a Coiltek 3" mono with a 18" handle.....it's great for really deep nuggets....I only carry it when I'm

using my Coiltek 19" DD Rd or the NF 25" Rd mono....and it only works with the Minelab SD-GP-GPX detectors....

When I'm digging a deep nugget I make the first foot of the hole the same size as the coil I'm using.....then I get

the pin pointer out and it sure saves a lot of digging....

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robbor... Your uncle has a great memory. The White's detector was a 6000 D series one that

became available about 1980... It was Pete Pederson who manufactured the probe. It was

a first back then... It was primarily intended to be a pinpointer for those coin hunting, but those

who used the 6000 D series one for nugget hunting found the probe sensitive to small placer


The probe was unique as it attached to the stem by several cllips and it was wired to

the control box by a special selective switch that activated the probe and deactivated the

search coil... It could also be used directly with the 6000 D series one without hooking up the

search coil.

But the pin-pointer/probe was a rod only about 2-inches in diameter. It was designed for the

series one and didn't work too well on the series two. Pete is alive and well. He was an

authorized White's dealer for many years and also designed sand scoops and other speciallized

digging and retrieving tools and recently sold his store, Pedersen's Metal Detectors.

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Will coils fit and work on any detector.. Like if you found one at a garage sale for a buck,,,

In general no, with most detectors it has to be made for your detector, that being said there're some detectors do share coils with other detectors from the same maker.

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